An off ramp on the information super highway

Sep 11

Cuba Announces Release of the World's First Lung Cancer Vaccine -

It’s a shame we’ll have to buy it in Mexico and bring it up in our suite cases.

Heck of a Job, RIM -

Hey, Misty… think your husband can do anything about this one?

Monthly Measure Calendar and Ruler by Sebastian Bergne -

This is actually pretty cool!

Internet of Yesterday & Today: 1996 vs. 2011 [INFOGRAPHIC] -

What’s funny is that most of the top sites are still the same ;)

Scout Observer replaces military SATCOM, is powered by the iPhone 4 -

Hmmm, I wonder if Apple is going to block this app too ;)

Sep 05

FreeRTOS on AVR with external RAM -

I wonder how similar this is to the small micro-computer we’re building in class now?

Cookie making robot -

I am not sure about your house; but I think EVERY HOUSE should have a cookie making robot!

53 Slang Terms by Decade -

Let’s see how may of these you know.

PocketBot – a matchbox-sized line following robot -

Pretty nifty. I think maybe we should do this at the next Makers Faire to teach kids a bit about robotics.

What Is the Most Influential Programming Book? -

I would agree on most of these.